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Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.44.16 AMBestselling author Isla Dean brings you three stories in one from the Tropical Temptation collection: Hidden Harbor, Pacific Passion and Sapphire Sea.

Hidden Harbor
Dallas Black has been in hiding from the paparazzi and will do whatever it takes to protect his peace. But things are about to change when a hurricane unearths secrets between him and the sexy stranger next door. Will he sacrifice his life at Hidden Harbor for entertainment news producer Eve Edwards, or will he risk losing her forever?

Pacific Passion
Spirit, independence, and imagination have all driven Alexa Black—of the famous Black family—to live her dreams as a filmmaker. But when those dreams start to shatter, her past appears in the form of Cade McGinnis when he rescues her from the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Kauai where they first met as sixteen-year-olds.

Sapphire Sea
Christmas in Kauai wasn’t on the menu until Lilli Roberts was fired from her job. A fiercely focused budding chef in Manhattan, she finds herself convinced by the charming Grant McGinnis to take over as head chef of his pub on Kauai.

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