Villa Blue ~ Now Available for Pre-order!

Villa Blue_COVER 6 FINAL copy

Villa Blue, a contemporary romance, is now available for a special pre-order price of $.99! On sale March 22, 2016.

Ivy Van Noten is a reclusive impressionist painter living in the greenhouse of an aging estate, Villa Blue, on an island off the coast of California. Two things matter most to Ivy—living her dreams as an artist and living at Villa Blue. She paints every day from her perch high above the harbor, believes in hard work not muses, and is happy with everything exactly as it is. Except for one little detail: she’s got a serious case of artist’s block.
Comfortable wherever he is in the world, adventurous businessman Aiden James heads to Villa Blue under the prospect of acquiring the estate made popular during the Golden Era of Hollywood. But what he finds is an artist who captivates him in ways that wander well past the casual flings he’s accustomed to. With an upcoming show that will either mean Ivy can continue living her dreams or dip into full-on failure, she’s fiercely focused on finding her way.
And with Aiden beside her, holding her hand through adventures she’d never dream of doing on her own, the colors of her world begin to brighten, the snarling source of the block begins to loosen, and her heart discovers what it truly means to be in love. 



Hidden Harbor #1 Bestseller!

Hidden Harbor reaches the #1 bestselling spot on Amazon in its category!

Hidden Harbor Number 1 Bestseller

HIDDEN HARBOR- The 1st book in the bestselling contemporary romance series, Tropical Temptation.

Entertainment news producer Eve Edwards heads to Hawaii alone on what was supposed to have been her honeymoon. Elusive celebrity Dallas Black is hiding from the paparazzi and will fiercely protect his peace. But on the lush island of Kauai, the storm of the century is about to change everything. Read now!